During design for your remodeling project, you may feel the temptation to try to spend less money or opt for a cheaper product selection. Instead, consider the initial cost of your remodeling project as a short term hurdle and place higher value on your long term enjoyment.·

Focus on the enjoyment.

Baldwin-Glass-Door-HardwareI had replaced all of the blah and flat paneled doors in my home, with raised five paneled doors. Naturally, new doors meant I also needed new door hardware. I took a trip to Clements Hardware. I fell in love instantly with these Baldwin glass doorknobs, and I remember contemplating the price. They were easily more expensive than other doorknobs I could have considered. Instead of going with a less expensive option, I decided to just do it and get the knobs that made me happy. Years later, I am still thrilled to have these little jewels on all of my doors. The enjoyment hasn't diminished. They still look beautiful and function fabulously.

My advice would be the same for your bigger decisions too. This week, I had the pleasure of visiting with someone we’d built a screened porch addition for. She had just purchased a substantially sized outdoor couch for her screened porch. As I stepped into her screened porch, I immediately recognized feeling really good in the space. And so I asked her if she was satisfied with her decision to have a screened porch built of this size. She explained to me that everydayeveryday she goes out to her porch she feels so incredibly happy with it. She’s not thinking daily about the money she spent to have the larger screened porch. She’s only thinking about the enjoyment she experiences there. ·

When you are trying to make the myriad of decisions you have to make during the design and selection process for your remodeling project, try to put the question of cost aside and think about how it is going to feel, look, perform, and endure. Will your decision make your heart sing for years to come? The cost is in the now; the finished space is what I’d like you to be enjoying forever.

Thanks for reading, Joanne

Geberit-wall-hung-toilet-photoAre you planning to remodel a small bathroom and are looking for more space? A wall-hung toilet with a concealed tank might be worth considering.

I've been looking at information for a concealed tank and wall-hung toilet by Geberit. The primary benefit of this type of system is to maximize space. I'm also intrigued by the aesthetics of the tank hidden in the wall and the toilet being off the floor. A hidden tank means less interruption in tile design on floors and walls. Plus, cleaning underneath the toilet is much easier.

If your home has a really small bathroom--one that by today's standard wouldn't pass building codes; the installation of a wall-hung toilet, can add 10-12" of available floor space in your bath.

Thanks for reading, Joanne

It's a dreary, grey day-but it still feels good!

Elizabeth Wozniak-Shelby gave me this iris last year. Villa remodeled several projects for her and her husband, Bert. We bumped out a kitchen, added a powder room, built a deck, added two porches and re-sided and painted the exterior of their Eastport Annapolis home.

So, what feels good?

I've been watching this flower grow since I planted it last year. I was excited to see the buds and couldn't wait to see them bloom. Every time I look at this flower, I think of Elizabeth and Bert. I think of the work we do. I think of the care, and pride we put into every remodeling project. I think of the relationships we have with our customers, and it feels good.

Happy Spring,



The weather has been challenging every day, a nightmare in fact ~ cold, blustery, sleeting, snowing, windy. But, we are delighted to still be on schedule with the renovation!!


Plumbing rough-in begins Monday. 

Thanks for following and have a great weekend!

Follow our progress as we begin a renovation to this Severna Park, Maryland home. The renovation includes a master suite addition above the existing garage and a renovation to an existing bathroom<



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