These are photographs of a master bedroom dressing suite remodel in Arnold, Maryland. Click here to read the homeowner's complete remodeling story. We've helped them with numerous projects over the years. 

"Villa is very dependable and that's a huge thing for us." ~ Ray and Jan Christensen 


Dressing Sweet 427x640 Small Space Storage Option for Master Bath
His and Hers Vanity Small Space Storage Option
Bench Seat in Shower His and Hers Vanity
Shower Bench Seat  

It gets ugly, before it becomes Amazing! This is a project we are working on in Hyattsville, Maryland. These are the first pics of an existing condition and demo day.The project encompasses finishing the existing attic space to accommodate a new bath and two new bedrooms. It's also important to note that the owners had a lead paint inspection completed for the property and there is no lead paint in the area of renovations.


Debris pile

Existing condition, note the sag in the roof.

We are going to fix that.

 Debris pile ready for the dumpster.

This bathroom floor features a tile design with penny tiles. A border of 6" black penny tiles surround a field of white penny tiles.

Floor Art with black and white penny tiles

07-18-2013 01 23 45PM 3

Most of our homeowner clients are referred to us and many become repeat clients. Although we have in the past, we haven’t been spending money advertising in magazine and newspaper ads. We’ve all but disappeared from the print yellow pages—I was never convinced a prospective client reads through the entire alphabetical listing. After all, Villa appeared very far down on that list.  

More and more though, we hear from prospective clients who have found us on the web. For this reason, I update our remodeling portfolio, blog, and of course, make sure our contact us page is up-to-date and our email links are functioning. In addition to this website, we maintain a Villa Builders Facebook page and a listing on Houzz. Recently, I’ve been updating these pages or profiles—understanding that Villa Builders' website may not be your first, or only, exposure to our company. 

So, this week I tried something new. I posted before and after photographs of a remodeled guest bath in a discussion forum on the Houzz website, which later was posted on the Houzz Facebook page. I was amazed at the 3300+ likes, 130+ comments and 500+ shares. I love the project I posted, but my amazement was more about the power of social media and the ease with which we all can connect.

These conversations made think about why remodeling photographs are so important, why websites are important—and what it all means to a prospective client. Should it matter?

I’ve always thought our remodeling photographs represent the pride we take in our work. We believe your home should reflect your needs and your vision. I’ll admit I’m a little thin-skinned. Some of the negative comments were a bit hard to deal with it at first. Yet, they remind me of the limitless potential of possibilities that any one space can become. For Villa Builders, the outcome is the result of listening to and understanding the client’s desire for his/her home. We all don’t want the same things and that’s okay. While the majority of comments were positive, the negative responses represent different styles, tastes and needs.

More important than the feedback is the real message about our professional remodeling company. We take great care and pride in each project. The service matters, the project matters, the client matters—it’s all important. Our desire to reach out and share what we do with others—I think—speaks to the type of company we are and our commitment to our remodeling business. The homeowner can rely on Villa Builders and feel secure when she hires us. That’s really the point.  

Whatever your home’s architectural style—bungalow, waterfront cottage, traditional or contemporary, it is our pleasure and our passion to design and remodel your home so that it reflects your needs, your visions and your style of living.

Thanks for reading, Joanne

After receiving a call from a prospective client last week, I was reminded of an article which appeared in the publication Capital Style (2010). She kept the article because she liked the photo of this bathroom, one of two of Villa’s projects featured.

The article, written by Donna L. Cole and titled “The Wow Factor”, quoted Jeff commenting about Villa’s mission going beyond monetary gain: “Helping people have a home they love to come home to is most rewarding for us. It is what we spend our time focused on every day. This is the mission; our tag line was born from this—helping people love their homes again.”

One of the many things I love about our projects is their timeless essence. The owner, Brenda Schoener said in the article, “’Ordinary’ and ‘blah’, are a distant memory. It’s now a fresh and serene retreat.” And, the article’s subtitle, “Makeover turns plain bath into a spa retreat,” describes succinctly what is special about this project.

Before 1 640x480 After 1 640x427

Before 2 480x640

After 2 427x640

Before 3 480x640 After 3 441x640

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