“…keep into the kitchen, make it a real family room and part of your life.” ~ Julia Child


Your Kitchen’s Got Potential

 You may remodel your kitchen to feel better connected to your family and guests in an adjacent living or family room, update appliances, correct poor traffic flow, increase and improve storage capacity, or just simply to update and outdated 70’s, 80’s or even a 90’s trend.

Whatever your reasons are, we hope you will be inspired to see all the potential your kitchen has—as more than a space of function and tasks. Think of it as a room where your family will gather and your friends will hang out.·

Waterfront Kitchen Remodel Severna Park, Maryland

This waterfront home was built in 1991. The Owner wanted to update the kitchen. She wanted better organization and an island with more surface space and more kid friendly. The scope of work included replacing all cabinetry, installing new appliances and enlarging and reconfiguring the island. This renovation was important as it completed a long list of renovations the homeowner had on her dream list.··

The new island is more open and larger. This provides ample space for the children's arts and crafts and weekday homework. Mom can enjoy overseeing their projects while preparing pizza in her new Wolf range, complete with bakestone. 

Award Winning Kitchen Remodel Severna Park, Maryland

The original kitchen dated back to the 80’s. The owner, a passionate cook, didn't like the lighting, her range, and felt the kitchen was dated overall. The owner also thought the European cabinets did not give the kitchen a sense of warmth. She had been dreaming of painted white cabinetry, and hoped a vibrant white would help accentuate new lighting; as the kitchen and breakfast rooms each have only one window.

The kitchen was renovated completely down to the framing. We replaced old insulation, and sealed gaps. The cabinetry is by Medallion - Designer Gold series in Maple, with the door style in Pottersmill. The counter tops are by Cambria and the color is Somerset.

The worn vinyl flooring was replaced with the warmth of red oak. The wood floor was finished in place to harmonize with the existing wood floor in the adjacent dining room and foyer. Recessed lighting and undermount cabinets were installed, each with separate dimmer switches.

This kitchen is a NARI Capital CotY Honorable Mention Award Winner Residential Kitchen $50,000-$100,000.


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