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Exterior Renovation, Eastport Annapolis, Maryland

After interior renovations, which included a kitchen expansion and powder room addition, the Owners of this Eastport, Annapolis home were ready to renovate their home’s exterior. The brick was removed, and the home was resided with James Hardiplank siding. Trim and bracket details were added. Brick piers were added to help ‘age’ the home. Exposed framing, and tapered columns tie to the neighboring home styles. 

Exterior Renovation, Kent Island-Maryland

The owner’s first goal in the renovation was to add some pizzazz to the exterior’s original and dated 1975 façade. Considering their love of front porches, the addition of a front porch was an absolute must have. The porch had to add to the home’s overall exterior appeal—and also had to offer real space to relax and enjoy evening breezes.

 The exterior transformation began with the replacement of the original windows. Marvin Integrity windows featuring grills on both sides of the window panes were installed. All of the new front windows were lengthened.

Aluminum siding was replaced with James Hardiplank siding, placed in an alternating pattern of 8” and 4” exposure. Every corner visible from the street was hand-mitered.

Next a twenty square foot cantilevered addition and a gas fireplace were added to the right side of the house, both sharing shed roofs and exposed rafter details, which would later compliment the front porch addition.

The outdated fiberglass garage door was replaced with a wood door from Clopay’s Reserve Collection and a new Simpson; Torrance II, Craftsman style front door now welcomes guests.

A few other descript details can be found in the cornice work. Two handcrafted brackets and decorative fascia were added at each reverse gable end. Lamb legs were curved into the gable fascia. The original aluminum soffit was replaced with vinyl beaded soffit.

Finally, a front porch, rich in detail was added. Columns and newel posts were crafted in the field of clear cedar. The beams were wrapped in cedar and the gable was made of MDO board and AZEK was ripped to 1 x 2’s, creating battens applied to the face. The floor of the porch was constructed of mahogany tongue and groove decking.

A traditional beaded fir ceiling finished clear hangs above. Lattice of heavy duty cedar with metal screening behind it to reduce infiltration of insects was added to the area below the porch and painted black so it would disappear.


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