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These are brief answers to commonly asked questions about remodeling, often the answers can lead to more questions. Each person comes with a unique set of concerns, which we are best able to address  in conversation. Please call us at 410-349-3282 if you would like more detail.

Q. I’ve never done this before and I don’t know how or when to start? I don’t plan on starting for 9 months or so. What should I do now?

A. Depending on the size/type of the project, planning, design and permitting can easily take 6 weeks or much more. A first step should be to decide on a process that can give you an experience that makes you comfortable. The broad strokes of this notion are: Manage the project on your own, hire a separate designer or architect to create drawings and then bid various contractors or hire a design and remodel company offering single source accountability. What we offer as a design and remodel Company is full service design and remodeling construction. Click here to learn more about our design and remodel process.

Q. I’ve remodeled before and had a horrible, frustrating time, how can I start differently?

A. This could be for many different reasons so it’s difficult to say for sure without knowing more.  What types of things did you consider before hiring? What were the most important things to you when deciding who would help you? Not all Contractors work the same!! We’ve tailored our design and remodel process to eliminate common complaints that we hear in our industry. Our projects are managed to stay on schedule, there are no surprises of extra work resulting in change orders, they stay on budget, and we provide excellent management and ongoing, reliable communication throughout the project.

Q. How long does design take?

A. It depends on project type and how you make decisions. Once we get started, we ask for decisions every week. For example, a hall bath can take 2-3 weeks to design, select, inspect, price, and get ready for construction to begin.   A master suite may take 4-8 weeks and a second story addition may take 90 days. The amount of time is really dependent on the project type, and how you make decisions.

Q. What areas do you work?

A. In order for us to deliver the type of service we like to deliver, we prefer to stay within a 60 minute drive time of our office. This includes Anne Arundel County, Queen Anne's County, and areas of Prince Georges County, Talbot County, Howard County, Baltimore County and Baltimore City. If you are not sure, give us a call.

Q. What size projects do you do; I think this project might be too small for you or I don’t know if you can or will do this type of project?

A. We design and build all types and sizes of projects. We like to help our customers select materials and we want our work to endure. It usually takes at least one conversation to help us understand what you want, how you like to see things get done and for you to decide if we are the right company to help you. We also especially enjoy working with you on small projects. It gives you a small, safe sample of who we are and how we work. Click here to see a list of services we offer.

Q. What if I don’t need design?

A. That will depend on your project type (scope). Even the simplest of projects benefit from some planning before we start construction or repair. This is the time to understand what is involved to get the project scheduled, started, preferred materials quantified, and all the resources needed to complete your project. This will help us arrive at fixed price for you, eliminate change orders you weren’t expecting, and implement a written schedule to get your project done on time. Design as a portion of planning, involves drawings that allow you, and us and other tradesmen on the project, to visually understand how it will look when it’s completed.

Q. What can I expect at the end of the design phase?

A. A full understanding of your project! You’ll know the entire scope of work and what materials will be used. You’ll have a Detailed Description of Work, necessary Elevation Drawings and Plans, a written weekly project schedule, and a written Construction Agreement with a Fixed Price. Regular meetings throughout the design phase will help you understand the project throughout the process, so you’ll have no surprises when design is finished.

Q. Do you use Subcontractors or your own people?

A. Job size weighs heavily on this. During the planning and design of the job, we are figuring out the most efficient, and therefore, most economical way to complete your project without ever sacrificing enduring quality. We typically use our own carpenters. However, for large projects we may use our framing subcontractor. Either way, we’re on every job daily. We are not managing the projects remotely with a cell phone. We use professionally licensed and insured plumbers, electricians, and HVAC (Heating and Air) subcontractors for everything. You’ll have no worries about having a " jack of all trades” creating leaky workmanship or a fire hazard in your home. Nor will you have any code compliance issues or warranty problems.

Q. Do you file building permits?

A. Our projects always have the appropriate permits filed. We handle all of these details and responsibilities for you.

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