MicrowaveWhen the power is restored after a power outage, a sudden surge can wreak havoc and even fry your computerized appliances.

To protect your appliances after power loss:

  • Turn off the appropriate breaker switches at your electric panel box. This should protect your appliances against any power surges that may occur when power is restored. This is the most cost effective method; provided you are home during the power loss and you remember this tip.

For more complete protection:

  • Provide surge protection for your appliance outlets ---you may want to consult an electrician for this.
  • Consider surge protection for your entire home at the electric panel box—definitely consult an electrician!

If you are fortunate to have a back-up generator, carefully read your Owner’s Manual when installing and connecting your new appliances. This will help you avoid compatibility issues, such as, understanding what happens when the generator self-tests or the battery is charging.  It’s also a very good idea to consult the electrical company completing the installation.

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