Love this space saving idea....

This bathroom is fairly small and typical for a hall bath. The available floor space is about 5' 1/2" X 2' 1/2". I want to optimize the space better by removing the traditional, in-swing interior door and replacing it with a sliding barn style door. I like the idea of the door being exposed along with all of its chunky hardware instead of using a pocket door. Good looking doors are like artwork. There are hundreds of choices in doors and hardware. Reusing a door from a second hand store is also a·great idea with endless possibilities. This small remodel project will bring some zing to the drab hallway and help preserve precious square footage in the small bathroom.

As built photo and preliminary idea sketch....

Bathroom Door Replacement Sketch_2

As built photo, front facing elevation and preliminary idea sketch showing barn sliding door and detail of built-in bookcase to finish the space.

Front_Elevation_Before Sketch_1

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