...on your house, your home insurance policy probably has you covered.

But, what if it's a dead tree?

You might have a problem!

A friend of ours recently had an 80ft oak tree slice through her home's second story. The damage was incredible. The entire roof needed to be replaced and more than 90% of the second floor needed to be repaired.

While she was showing some friends and me the extensive remodeling repairs and the remainder being wrapped up, she commented, "Thank goodness it was a live tree!"

That stopped me dead in my tracks. Really? She explained to us, if you have a dead tree on your property and it falls on your home, it's trouble with a capital T.

I checked with one of my favorite insurance brokers and he confirmed homeowners need to be vigilant to maintain their property's and their TREES.

Thankfully, there aren't any dead trees threatening our home. This may seem a trivial bit of information. But, neglecting to take care of your dead trees, could be a scary story waiting to happen.

On that note,
Have a fun Halloween,

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