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A frequently asked question is “Do you use subcontractors?”

We have found that homeowners are asking this question because they have a concerns about what they don’t know and who will be in their homes other than us.


We welcome this question and the answer is yes.


We take the business of working with others very seriously. We've been doing it a long time. Over the years, we've come to rely on companies we believe are some of the best in the industry and have developed incredibly strong relationships with them.

We dedicate an enormous effort in understanding what your project will cost. Why is this important? Problems arise when projects are not accurately estimated at the start. A project inaccurately estimated, often leads to not having enough money to pay for materials and the labor necessary to complete them. We bring in our subcontractors at the beginning to review the project so they have a strong grasp and understanding of the scope of work to be completed.

Here is what our subcontractors say about us.

“Long term relationship comes to mind first. Your willingness to involve the county in the inspection process limits our liability. Our past experience with having successful projects with Villa is helpful.” Nathan Foster, Foster Enterprises, Inc.


“The biggest thing is Jeff’s organizational skills. It helps the projects go a lot smoother. His project sites are clean and I don’t have any of those worries. Jeff asks us at the beginning “When can you start, how long will it take and when will you be done?” He is the only person doing residential projects to ever ask me this." Paul DeVito, DeVito Mechanical Services


“I like that Villa gets a lot of work by recommendation. Your clients want to use you exclusively, because of your workmanship and because you are not fly by night. You put extra work into the details of the job when you are putting the job together. You really want to know what it takes to build it.” Sao Oh, Capstone Contractors


"As a sub, we’ve learned to trust in the stability that Villa Builders brings to the table. They’ve proved themselves to be a reliable client, meeting pay schedules in a timely fashion and completing every project we’ve ever been involved with. From new homes to masterful additions, beautiful kitchens or luxury baths, Lebo Plumbing has been blessed by teaming up with Villa Builders." Carl Lebo, Lebo Plumbing

“You pay your bills on time. You know what you are doing. I’ve been working with you for about 20 years and that’s a lot of knowledge. If there is a problem you take care of it.” Fred Hopkins, Annapolis Drywall

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